The Secretary is the CMS for designers who can code.


It's all about your work

You have full control over projects, with unlimited sections and tags. The unique Flow feature lets you drag and drop content to layout and organise each project. Divide projects into groups and textblocks, and choose how each is displayed: as a slideshow, with a pop effect or one by one.

Make it stand out

Finally, a CMS that hands over the reigns when it comes to design. Zero limitations mean your portfolio will be truly unique. Start with one of the four basic themes included, or create your own from scratch. Edit themes in the browser with the built in theme editor.

Built in support for images, video and audio.

Support for almost all file types. Projects can contain images, video, and audio files and the built in File Cabinet lets you insert files of any type into any page on your site. Embed your Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud and other media by simply pasting in embed codes.

What else?

Ultra simple, functional interface; dynamic pages with customizable content types; a basic blog module; built in thumbnail generator; and plugin architecture for third-party extensions.

Why Secretary?

No limitations when it comes to design.

Other systems confine you to predefined templates, restrict what HTML and CSS you can edit, or are simply too complicated to make even simple changes.

Secretary's visual, drag and drop interface gives you effortless control over your content, and totally open-ended themes means you can painlessly build a truly unique site.


Harri Koskinen
Goran Ljubuncic
Elina Simonen
Justin Falk
Philip Battin
Bruno Herfst
Mads Jakob Poulsen
Herrmann Germann Contemporary



Updated December 02 2018


  • PHP 7.0+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Linux/Apache server
  • and a modern web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome (untested in Internet Explorer)

Still on PHP 5? Download Version 2.4

How to install

Unzip, upload, run the install wizard. Read the installation instructions in the Knowledge Base for step-by-step help.


The Secretary is free to download and use. Please support the project by donating.

Help & Support

Developer Center

Very soon! Maybe never? Email me.

About & Contact

About Secretary

The Secretary is one of many after-hours projects of designer, artist, and web developer Mikael Staer. It aims to be super clean, ultra simple, yet highly customizable, and most importantly, a joy to use.

More: Changelog

License, Contributing

The Secretary is open source and released under the GNU General Public License v3.

You can contribute to the project by forking it on GitHub.