• PHP 7 compatible now that many hosts are deprecating 5
  • Fixes an SQL vulnerability


  • Now using mysqli driver
  • Security fixes


  • Interface refresh (colours, buttons, toolbars; more cohesive, unified)
  • Project slideshow options - next/prev text, divider symbol, slide number text, nav position (top/bottom), transitions (fade, blind, scroll, uncover, none)
  • Project slideshow adjusts the height of its container, so slideshows with different sized images fit your page - no overlapping footers, and horizontal, vertical images can be in same slideshow (animates)
  • Projects Manage page updated: if there is no project thumbnail, it will display the first image found.
  • Projects Manage > New Section now auto-selects the currently active section
  • Projects full size image scaling - upload hi-res images and let the system scale them to fit your theme.
  • Projects images width and height options have been removed in favour of full size scaling setting.
  • Next/previous project template tags loop properly now
  • Blog pagination template tags - next_post(), prev_post(), blog_pagination(), blog_next_page(), blog_prev_page()
  • All system thumbnails have a slight sharpen filter applied for better quality.
  • All system thumbnails are dynamically generated and stored in cache - no more systhumbs.
  • Custom maintenance mode - create layout_maintenance.php in your theme folder and it will display that page. Site is now viewable by you if you are logged in.
  • Theme editor uses CodeMirror
  • New page_type() template tag
  • Module CSS and JS is auto-included by the system. Modules should include an assets folder and custom styles.css and actions.js
  • Installer won't duplicate users if run multiple times.
  • All ajax calls send SYSTEM var for safer inclusion of system files on server end (SYSTEM.path, SYSTEM.url - domain.com/cms/system/)